A Note About Levels

We believe that yoga is a practice you keep coming back to, but with a different understanding each time. Whether you are a long-time practitioner or new to yoga, our classes allow you to work at your own pace, and revisit each class with a new perspective.

Remember that work may also look different from body to body and may feel different in your own body from one day to the next.

All Levels

These classes are ideal for beginners to yoga, if you're recovering from an injury or if you're looking for a gentle practice. While these classes move at a slower pace, you can expect to feel challenged and released.

Level 1 -2

The majority of our classes fall in this category. Expect to move at a steady pace with options to go slower or flow faster. A general understanding of yoga terminology is recommended but not required. Props are encouraged

Level 2 - 3

These classes flow at a faster pace and involve challenging and creative transitions. A good understanding of yoga terminology is recommended. Props are encouraged.