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Downward Dog On Demand offers your team and customers the ability to practice a variety of modalities which ultimately will give rest and allow them to recharge. Membership on our platform includes unlimited access to yoga, meditation, restorative flow and many other practices which can be done anywhere - at home or in a quiet space at the office.

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Want to schedule a demo? Interested in live-streamed classes for your team? We're here to answer these and any other questions!

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Why Employees Love Membership

  • Practice on your own time, in your own space from your own device - Watch at home or on the go, our platform works on mobile phones as well as computers.

  • Wellness on schedule - Our classes range in length, so there's always a way to fill free moments with classes from Downward Dog on Demand.

  • A truly unique and refreshing experience - Our cinematography uses multiple cameras to capture all angles of instruction - you can see what the instructor is doing much more easily than in-person classes!

Why Employers Love Membership

Your whole team can get instant access to our ever-growing catalog of yoga, meditation and other wellness classes. Choose a theme or specific class for the whole team to do together and discuss every week or give them space to find rest and energy from practice when they need to. Memberships are affordable and are billed monthly or annually.

Meet Your Instructors

A community of practitioners based in Toronto working with Downward Dog - a studio at the heart of the city's yoga community since 1997.

Patricia Dominski


Karen Parucha

Studio Owner

Amber Alitawi


Athena Lamarre


Laura Volpe


Downward Dog On Demand For Business

Save up to 30% by purchasing memberships in bulk for your team or customers.

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Membership comes with unlimited access to our bespoke catalog of classes, offering a wealth of experiences for people from all practice levels. You can see some recent classes below or click here to check them all out.